5 Tips For Grandparents and Disneyland.

We just finished getting back from a Disney trip in California. We took the grandkids with us for the first time. I wanted to share my experiences and tips with other grandparents to make the trip to Disneyland a memorable one.

Our Family at Disneyland




Tip 1 is to save money and bring snacks for the kids. We decided to bring a medium size lunch bag that was insulated and brought drinks, fruits, and snacks. One of our grandkids is 3 and had a stroller so we kept the bag with us and through out the day we would eat our snacks.  If you don’t have a stroller Disneyland has lockers for rent. We saved so much money on bringing our own snacks and drinks. We did splurge a little to buy sweets for the kiddos.


Insulated lunch bag


Tips 2 wear good shoes. I can’t stress enough about this tip. You know you have to do a lot of walking so prepare before you go. I would invest in some good walking shoes. Don’t forget to take breaks along the way because your going to need it. We did a lot of walking and by the end of the day my feet were a little sore. I’m happy I had good walking shoes.

Walking shoes








Tip 3 we ate a good breakfast before we went to the parks. Breakfast was around 8 and we arrived at the parks around 10. We had our snacks for lunch and throughout the day. So we only ended up spending money on dinner.

Having a good breakfast




Tip 4 is to check what the weather is going to be like. It’s not fun when you’re dressed in jeans and a long sleeve shirt thinking it’s going to be cold. Just because it’s November doesn’t mean it’s going to be cold. It was like in the upper 70’s and it was hot. Also bring extra clothes in case you want to change and just keep the extra in the lockers.






Tip 5 is to have fun! It’s Disneyland and there will always be a ton of people no matter what time of the year you end up going. You will wait in lines there is no way around that. You can get a fast pass for certain rides, but your still waiting in line. But all in all we had an amazing time with our grandkids and will definitely do it again maybe in a couple years.